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How does Hydraloop treat greywater?

Hydraloop uses a unique patented water cleaning and disinfection technology. Ordinary systems use filters or membranes to treat the water, which clog and need regular maintenance. The unique patented technology, that is the heart of Hydraloop, removes dirt, soap and other pollution from your bath, shower and washing machine water without using a filter of chemicals. Hydraloop automatically cleans itself every few weeks without you having to do anything. Because of this, maintenance requirements are low.
Water from the shower, bath and washing machine gets collected into the Hydraloop. The treatment systems combines 5 technologies to remove dirt, soap and other particles from the water; Sedimentation, Flotation, Dissolved Air Flotation, Enforced Skimming and an Aerobic Bioreactor. The 6th technology, which is the final treatment, is disinfection using UV light.

The water quality Hydraloop offers is certified and is clean, clear and safe and meets the most stringent international standards.

What is greywater?

Greywater is lightly contaminated wastewater from bath, shower, washing machine, hand basins and air conditioning units. It doesn’t include wastewater from the kitchen or toilets, and it doesn’t contain sewage (black water). NOTE: handbasin water can only be used in Cascade set ups and cannot be water from the kitchen.

Is Hydraloop water safe?

Yes. Hydraloop water is clean, clear and disinfected. The treatment technology is NSF-350 certified and meets the most stringent international standards. Hydraloop water should not be used for drinking, cooking or personal hygiene.

What can I use Hydraloop water for?

Hydraloop water is suitable for toilet flushing, washing machines, garden irrigation and topping up swimming pools.

Can I use Hydraloop water in my kitchen?

No, Hydraloop water is non-potable water. Therefore, you should not use it for preparing food or drinks, or for doing dishes.

Can I use Hydraloop water for my vegetable garden?

Yes, you can use Hydraloop water for growing crops.

Can Hydraloop provide drinking water quality?

No, because it is not our core business. There are other companies that offer products that can be added to turn it into drinking water. We do not turn it into drinking water quality, because you only drink a few liters of water.

Can I drink Hydraloop water?

The Hydraloop system is not meant for producing drinking water.

Can I combine Hydraloop with a grease trap or grease interceptor to recycle water from my kitchen?

No, we do not allow it. Hydraloop is not designed and suitable to recycle kitchen water.

1.The water from your kitchen sink and dishwasher is only a small amount compared to the water from your shower and bath. The water you save doesn’t weigh up to the costs of implementing a grease trap or grease interceptor.

2. Even after passing a grease trap or grease interceptor, kitchen water is still too dirty for water treatment in a Hydraloop system.

Can I combine Hydraloop with a rainwater tank?

Yes, you can. We have customers that use this combination and brought down their tap water consumption from 150 liter per person per day to 15 liter per person per day.

You can connect Hydraloop with a rainwater system in two ways:

  1. As a backup source for the Hydraloop system (instead of tap water)
  2. To transfer surplus recycled water into the rainwater tank

Can I collect rainwater, and have it treated by the Hydraloop?

No, the tank size of each Hydraloop unit is designed for a daily input of shower water. Rainwater comes in large volumes and storage capacity of the Hydraloop tanks are not designed for these volumes.

Can Hydraloop replace a rainwater tank or reduce its size and costs?

When you install a Hydraloop, you could size your rainwater tank just for irrigation, because you use recycled Hydraloop water for toilet flushing and the washing machine. You can recycle for example 75.000 liters / 21.000 gallons with H300 and 150.000 / 40.000 gallons for H600 a per year

If you recycle more water than you use inside the building, Hydraloop can pump the surplus to a rainwater tank. This way, you can use Hydraloop water to irrigate the garden and optimize your usage of recycled water. You can also keep collecting rainwater in a tank for garden irrigation.

We believe that rainwater should contribute to the hydrologic cycle and not flow into the sewer. Using Hydraloop water inside and outside, and using rainwater only outside is the most sustainable way to reuse water.

Can I use Hydraloop water in my shower, bath or bidet?

No. There are standards in place that decide what one can use the recycled water for. These differ per country. Generally, you are not allowed to shower/bath with recycled water (although it would be safe).

What is Hydraloop water?

Hydraloop water is treated reusable water. It is clean, clear, safe, and disinfected, ready for re-use.

Does Hydraloop work with water that contains a lot of calcium?

Yes. If you have much calcium in your tap water, we recommend descaling your Hydraloop every six months with 500 cl (1 pound) of citric acid. The app will advise you how to descale your Hydraloop unit.