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PRESS RELEASE 10-17-2019


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UK brochure

US brochure

Contact details:

Hydraloop Systems B.V.


Oostergoweg 9

8911 MA Leeuwarden


+31 (0)88 100 3500

Hydraloop's Head Office and R&D are situated at the WaterCampus in Leeuwarden. WaterCampus Leeuwarden is the meeting point of the Dutch water technology sector and is the United Nations Innovating City for water technology

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Hydraloop Story

Todays world with its fast growing population needs more water every single day. However, our world is running out of its most precious and fundamental resource, so we have to change the way we use water… we have to be wise.. Over 10 year ago, we decided it had to be possible to create a compact in-house water recycling system that would drastically reduce water usage, yet not compromise on living comfort, that would be affordable and easy in use, low on maintenance and would also look great. That is why we spent many years to design, build and test a smart water saving system that offers families to save both water and money.


We started with the simple basic idea to reuse the water from the bathroom, however we quickly discovered that realising this simple idea into a reliable affordable product was not easy. We tried and tested many treatment methods with different technologies, filters and membranes and discovered that using filters was not the right approach. Filters and membranes clog and need regular maintenance and we decided this was not the way to go. So we started to think different, out of the box and designed a completely new method from scratch to remove dirt, soap and other particles from the water by uniquely combining 6 water treatment methods. All these treatment technologies already existed, but the way we combined them into one integrated continuing treatment process is completely new.


We achieved our goals by offering clean, clear and certified reuse water with our self cleaning and affordable beautifully designed Hydraloop system, which is so stylish you can place it anywhere in your house.


International patents are granted in Europe and in the US, and other patents are pending.

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